Since Daz's "down" has come along nicely, we have introduced "table". We did our table at home and she quickly got that "table" is immediately followed by "down". We went to the training building and after introducing her to the table there, then asked for "down". She seems to be getting it... (thank you Lianne for reminding me break down a behavior when moving it to a new location! )

She also tried a Chute for the first time. All we did at this stage is to hold the fabric up and let hr come through the barrel, then over the bunched fabric to exit. She was a little put off by it at first. We did it several times, took a break, then went back to it and she was more comfortable. Stopped there.



A few weeks ago I had occasion to spend a few hours at the BRAG (agility) building while chiropractic appointments were going on. I just had to be there to open the building and be around while folks were coming and going. So I took Daz to train and keep me company. No, I did NOT train her for hours. It WAS a great opportunity to work her for a few minutes, take a break, then work again 30-40 minutes later. 

In addition to the teeter and contact board work we played in the tunnels. She had been through a straight tunnel previously, when she was very young. I had someone hold her at one end while I called through, but she hadn't done one for awhile. 

I set up one tunnel, perfectly straight and plopped her little self down, aimed at the opening, using a hand motion to encourage her through. After several attempts where she ran back out to jump on me, bite at the tunnel edge, etc. she finally got it and ran into the tunnel. I raced to the other end and when she came out I clicked/treat and we had a party. We did that several times, from both ends of it. I was very careful to have her chase me well out of the tunnel, to avoid that "tunnel peeper" syndrome where they like to play hide and seek and run back in the tunnel or lurk right at the end. 

Next round of tunnel I set up a second one, about 8-10' from the first. I again ran her through the first tunnel; c/t. Then I showed her the second one and encouraged her through. She raced on in; out the other side. C/T and party! We turned around, went into tunnel #2, c/t, then raced on back through tunnel #1; c/t and party! 

Then we turned and did BOTH tunnels, one right after the other before the reward and party. Did that several times and boy was she having fun! Well that was pretty cool, but now to make sure she's still paying attention to ME. I send her through one tunnel, then veer off at a 90° angle, calling her name. She was momentarily confused and started towards the second tunnel opening, but then opted to follow me instead. She got a c/t in Recall to Heel position while moving, then another puppy party. 

On our final tunnel session that afternoon we alternated running two tunnel with running one and then going away from them. She seemed to "get" that the game was to pay attention to what I was asking. Hope it sticks!

I would like to reiterate, these training sessions are VERY short each time. I always try to quit while she is still engaged and wanting to work, rather than waiting till she is starting to get bored or distracted!


More on Daz's teeter

I was on vacation for a week so Daz had some time off from training. I took her along to my class last night to work before Neat's class started and then again after I taught a class.

I started with her on the teeter with the slight drop we had worked before. After a few time of that with no problem I changed table to increase the drop. Apparently it didn't bother her!

I do still need to emphasize to her that she works with me no matter what else is gong on. She can get distracted by the other things going on around her, but she is just 7 mos. old. We'll continue to work at home without distractions and in other environments WITH them as well. 


Daz's teeter

I took Daz down to the BRAG building the other night before my classes began to work her. There is a class going on out on the floor while I work with her off to the side. I like that she is learning to work with distractions and action going on near her. Okay, so once she DID decide to race out onto the floor and greet her Auntie Pam, who was teaching a class. She loves her friends. This was the class Lianne and Dexter were working in, so it was good focus practice for both Daz AND Dex. 

Daz LOVES the jungle gym teeter play! Even reached up to grab the end about 6" up, slammed it down so she could get on because she got impatient waiting for me while I was getting more cookies. She races back and forth on it now, with  good bit of drop going on. 

We also worked on a board flat on the ground to practice our RTO behavior. She doesn't do as well with the longer, thicker board as she does at home. When we go down next time (which now won't be till after my Vegas vacation) I need to remember to bring her board from home. Let her learn to do the familiar board in the new place, then introduce the new and different board. 

We also worked on walking at my side, not forging ahead and doing some turns as we walk. So far, very pleased with my little girlie in every way. Another conformation show tomorrow (Sunday) with a total of FIVE Podengos entered! Anyone iterated in results can check the Casa Do Sol blog


Baby Daz learning the basics

So it is time for Daz to make her debut on the Podengo Agility blog. For general updates on Daz see the Casa Do Sol blog. Here I will try to keep up with what she is doing towards her hopeful agility career.

Even though she isn't really doing anything that would much resemble agility to most people yet. Being a very small girl, I am already thinking towards teeter. Early on she and Vettel were both put on a variety of surfaces to get used to different things under their feet. Then I gave them a balance disc to play on. I followed that up with putting a board on the balance disc that tipped and wobbled when they walked on it.

After Vettel left, I kept up with Daz moving things. At a suggestion from another small breed owner, I taught her to  use a paw to close cabinet doors, so she got to know she could use her feet to move things and control them.

Separate from moving things, we also started working on a contact behavior. While she will eventually not do a stop on the end of contacts most likely, I do want to teach her the process and to respect the bottom, so we began work on Rear Toe style contact behavior, based on Linda Mecklenburg's 1RTO article that appeared in Clean Run many years go. (the photos in the article are my sweet little Neat, btw.)

Two weeks ago we got to where she walks along the plank lengthwise and offers the behavior, then moved on to me propping it off my deck steps to make it a slope for her, since I have no actual contact obstacles in my back yard. Actually, I DO own a very old teeter, but after many years of use and sitting outside the board has disintegrated and needs replaced. I hope to get that done before too much longer.

Last week I took it a step further and had Daz down at the BRAG building to work. I set the teeter with both ends on tables and enough padding so that it didn't move at all. She trotted happily back and forth along it, so we took some pads out one at a time to introduce movement on the board. She got a "click/treat" each time it moved. She had a blast, going back and forth!

I am anxious to move on in her contact training!


Quick Update - CCDAC

Panic - CRAPPY start line stays... they were so good at our last indoor trial, but I know outdoors is much tougher for her. Will have to start working on that in exciting situations (like ball throwing). She Q'd 3/6 - got a snooker, jumpers, and relay. She was SO close in gamblers. Both standards I think were a total mess! She was hilarious though. Had a blast running 16" and with no startline stay was a good distance away from me in a lot of runs. I must start working on my speed!

Dexter - Andy decided he wanted me to run him, so on Saturday we ran Jumpers. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! He Q'd with a most gorgeous run of 4.75 yps. He is such a great little man. Sunday he ran standard and actually did pretty well, but quit halfway through. Since I was pretty sure we wouldn't even get off the start line (han solo was being himself right outside of the ring as we were setting up, and dexter was not too happy with it), I was honestly thrilled with what we got.

Spry - Got our first standard leg!!! Probably would have gotten another one on Sun but she apparently had to both pee AND poop. So her run involved a lot of excess running past obstacles, and she was overtime. Barely made time on Sat due to fixing the poles about a million and a half times. Her poles used to be awesome so must pull those out again. She also got her 2nd A Snooker Q. Really she had some good runs and I was happy with her 1st outdoor trial of the year!

More detailed post, and videos, later :)


Canine Combustion USDAA this weekend!

And all three pups are entered! Yes, I know I have four dogs. Obv I mean the three un-retired ones :)

Spry is running in Steeplechase this weekend. Uh yeah, I am pretty sure we are not gonna Q. If she manages to run clean (and I mean clean as in no running around the jumps too, even though that's not faulted) she should be fast enough. But that probably will not happen :) We'll see. I am also REALLY hoping for a standard leg finally. Also she is in A Snooker both days and *does* already have one snooker leg... how cool would it be to run in Masters at our next trial?

BUT. This is our first outdoor trial of the year. That usually equals lots of suckage. For Panic at least. I think partially bc I can never run as fast outdoors (and the field is probably going to be muddy). And partially because, hey, WOOHOO WE'RE OUTSIDE, and HEY, did you KNOW, it's much FASTER to JUMP off the DW WAY TOO FREAKING EARLY! At least that's what I imagine goes through her head at the first outdoor trial of the year. And that's Panic. I don't know if I can possibly imagine the amount of joy that will be coursing through Spry's veins as she runs agility outside for the first time this year (save for a few short sessions of jumps in the backyard).

Andy is running tha dude man. Standard one day and jumpers the other. I am excited to see that! He loves running with his daddy. This is also the only place he's ever gotten a USDAA standard leg before, so it could go well!

Updates and video once we get back!



Dexter had a big day yesterday, and I am so happy with him :)

First, in the morning mom came over with the puppies. She came in first to say hello to my dogs so they could kind of get their crazies out. Then she brought the pups in while they were in their crate and set it down for our guys to sniff. At first Dex went nuts making all kinds of noises including little growls - although then we realized it seemed like he was growling when he thought Spry was too close, and he kept putting himself between her & them. Then we let the pups out and boy oh boy did he LOVE them! Not even one single time did he look like he wanted to be a jerk to them. He just acted like a big goof, making silly noises and trying his hardest to be adorable and get them to play with him. They weren't sure they were impressed.

Then last night we went over to my in-laws to pick up my Nook which I had forgotten, and brought Dexter to meet Anuka (again). The first time did NOT go so well, it was at the training building and it was so dumb on my part. I let him meet Anuka when they were both hyped up, Dexter was on leash, and he was at "his" building. All of these things set us up for failure. Dex snarked him several times, and really sounded nasty. Spitting mad. Yuck. Last night we went outside at the in-laws, put Anuka on leash and let Dexter off-leash. They said hello, Anuka was kind of up in his business but Dex had the chance to leave if he wanted. Dexter did growl a few times and warning snap a few times when he thought Anuka was too close but it wasn't bad. We let them off leash and one time Dex did nip Anuka's flank when Anuka semi-trampled him, Anuka was STUNNED someone would do that to him, and after that they were pretty much fine. Ran around together and were very close to playing. they both wanted to and would start to initiate it but would then back off. The one thing we still hvae to work on is Dexter not getting nasty when he's getting pet and Anuka comes up. He was pretty possessive of people.

So overall reading that whole paragraph again I realize it doesn't sound that good but really I think in person Dexter's warnings were OK and appropriate (except when getting pet). He is a small dog and Anuka is a 10 month old crazy whippet with limbs that flail everywhere. I think it's OK for Dexter to want the other dog to know boundaries and that trampling is not ok. And after a few minutes they were all happy. We actually even took them all on a walk in the woods (on leash is when Dexter tends to be more of a jerk) and even on leash and hyped they were GREAT together!


CPE weekend in review

First of all, check out the new, springy pics on the side :)

Panic ran with my friend Dee. They had a really awesome weekend - 9/10 Qs. Panic is now in L5 for jumpers, L4 for everything else except wildcard which she is still in L3 for. The only NQ was Jackpot, and it was a hard one that I was pretty sure she wouldn't get :) Traditional jackpot, 20 foot distance, with layering. Yeah, no big surprise on the NQ there! They looked good together and I am looking forward to seeing them run together at CPE Nationals in June!

Spry was 8/10 and I was mostly very happy with her weekend. Unfortunately we went back to not reading my LOM as well and having more spinnies. But, since we have not practiced AT ALL since Feb (other than my short practice Weds working the tire and short sequences), I am not surprised. Also, the trial was at our building where she gets higher than usual and then more focused on me.

Some very good things:
1) Contacts were great. She came off the end of 1 DW (stopped 4 on the floor), and one teeter as I FCd but other than that held them. Fast DWs. Teeter could use some more confidence. She slammed one AF, I wish she would take off closer to the bottom of it instead of launching onto it from several feet out! I assume time will help this.
2) Stays were fantastic. I tell myself every trial to try to keep this criteria solid and so far, so good. I think I did better this weekend on release, pause, move as well.
3) I have to review the videos but I don't think she took ANY off courses. At least no tunnel off courses and I don't think any off courses at all. Wow, that is HUGE for her!
4) She responds to deceleration well, and turns pretty tightly if I cue a wrap using it.

Some not as good things:
1) Weave poles - she had a hard time staying in her poles this weekend. I am not sure we had any courses w/12 poles, and she never popped out once she got going, but she had a hard time staying in after making the entrance. Or making the entrance at all. She does slip more on the rubber, and was super high. Will have to work on this at home though.
2) FMFCs... if my motion is going forward still, she is not collecting AT ALL! Must work on this.
3) Spinnies - I tried to run hard and show her where to go, and I think this is probably still my fault mostly. Also all non-wings so that might have made it harder for her.
4) KEEP YOUR EYE ON YOUR DOG! On Sat Std I sent her to a tunnel and turned to run the finishing line of jumps. Glanced back to see her, turned my eyes forward, kept running. really did not tell her at all which side of me to be on, so she chose the wrong side, ran around a jump, and I wasn't sure if she took it or not. BAD MOMMY!