CPE weekend in review

First of all, check out the new, springy pics on the side :)

Panic ran with my friend Dee. They had a really awesome weekend - 9/10 Qs. Panic is now in L5 for jumpers, L4 for everything else except wildcard which she is still in L3 for. The only NQ was Jackpot, and it was a hard one that I was pretty sure she wouldn't get :) Traditional jackpot, 20 foot distance, with layering. Yeah, no big surprise on the NQ there! They looked good together and I am looking forward to seeing them run together at CPE Nationals in June!

Spry was 8/10 and I was mostly very happy with her weekend. Unfortunately we went back to not reading my LOM as well and having more spinnies. But, since we have not practiced AT ALL since Feb (other than my short practice Weds working the tire and short sequences), I am not surprised. Also, the trial was at our building where she gets higher than usual and then more focused on me.

Some very good things:
1) Contacts were great. She came off the end of 1 DW (stopped 4 on the floor), and one teeter as I FCd but other than that held them. Fast DWs. Teeter could use some more confidence. She slammed one AF, I wish she would take off closer to the bottom of it instead of launching onto it from several feet out! I assume time will help this.
2) Stays were fantastic. I tell myself every trial to try to keep this criteria solid and so far, so good. I think I did better this weekend on release, pause, move as well.
3) I have to review the videos but I don't think she took ANY off courses. At least no tunnel off courses and I don't think any off courses at all. Wow, that is HUGE for her!
4) She responds to deceleration well, and turns pretty tightly if I cue a wrap using it.

Some not as good things:
1) Weave poles - she had a hard time staying in her poles this weekend. I am not sure we had any courses w/12 poles, and she never popped out once she got going, but she had a hard time staying in after making the entrance. Or making the entrance at all. She does slip more on the rubber, and was super high. Will have to work on this at home though.
2) FMFCs... if my motion is going forward still, she is not collecting AT ALL! Must work on this.
3) Spinnies - I tried to run hard and show her where to go, and I think this is probably still my fault mostly. Also all non-wings so that might have made it harder for her.
4) KEEP YOUR EYE ON YOUR DOG! On Sat Std I sent her to a tunnel and turned to run the finishing line of jumps. Glanced back to see her, turned my eyes forward, kept running. really did not tell her at all which side of me to be on, so she chose the wrong side, ran around a jump, and I wasn't sure if she took it or not. BAD MOMMY!

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Kathy said...

Nice trial report and great pics!