More on Daz's teeter

I was on vacation for a week so Daz had some time off from training. I took her along to my class last night to work before Neat's class started and then again after I taught a class.

I started with her on the teeter with the slight drop we had worked before. After a few time of that with no problem I changed table to increase the drop. Apparently it didn't bother her!

I do still need to emphasize to her that she works with me no matter what else is gong on. She can get distracted by the other things going on around her, but she is just 7 mos. old. We'll continue to work at home without distractions and in other environments WITH them as well. 


Anonymous said...

Awesone! I love how you are keeping the speed up!

Lisa Baird said...

I actually watched it thinking I should have been moving faster! ;-)

(who is Anony Mous? Donna?)

lillajolie said...

This was a clever and effective way of training. I´ve only used a "stop" at one end before, but this seems to be much better.
I´ll try this with a new dog soon.

Good luck with your training.

/Karin from Sweden and Jolie, my little podengo

Lisa Baird said...

Karin, I wasn't actually asking for a stop at either end. Just that she run the board and not jump off of the side. : ) It is my version of "jungle gym teeter". http://www.awesomepaws.us/pdf/junglegymteeter.pdf

At this stage, I just want her to be happy running the board and not worrying that it moves. I would prefer to use a teeter that can lower all the way down, so the "up" end is only inches above ht ground. I actually HAVE one like that at home, but it needs a new board. : (